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Internet Marketing Strategy from Peak Demand

Internet Marketing Strategy

Peak Demand helps organisations create and implement an effective internet marketing strategy, focused on generating demand for their products and services.

We specialise in Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

From our base in Suffolk, we work primarily with SMEs in the East of England.


The key to successful internet marketing is finding, being found, connecting and converting your target audience

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing (also called online marketing) is the process of using online media and technologies to achieve marketing objectives. It should not be considered in isolation. It should form an integrated part of your overall marketing strategy.Taget

At Peak Demand, we always start by understanding your organisation’s marketing objectives first, so that we can work with you to develop the right mix of tools and techniques to achieve your goals.


Helping you to get results

The internet provides you with an incredible opportunity to reach new customers, to engage in dialogue with them and to grow your organisation.

Internet marketing offers you the benefits of precise targeting and accurate measurement of results – you can see what is working and what isn’t working in real-time, make changes, test and repeat. It’s exciting and dynamic but requires time and attention to manage.

It’s easy to spend money on internet marketing. But making sure it is money worth spending requires planning, organisation, testing and monitoring.

Did you know?

  1. 72% of UK companies are increasing their internet marketing budgets
  2. Internet marketing budgets are increasing by an average of 35%

2011 UK Survey
by eConsultancy


Finding, being found, connecting and converting

These 4 elements are the cornerstones of the majority of our internet marketing strategies.

Finding Reaching out to new customers by promoting your website through a combination of online and offline channels
Being Found Inbound marketing; generating website traffic from search engines, content marketing and social media
Connecting Getting your messages across and engaging with your target audience
Converting Encouraging your audience to take the actions that deliver your internet marketing goals

The need for a strategy

Internet marketing is flexible and dynamic. That means the tactics and channels you use to find and connect with your target audience can be continually refined.

However, you still need a clear strategy to ensure, time, effort and money are correctly targeted. As with convential marketing, your internet marketing strategy must define your desired outcomes, your criteria for success and a justifiable return on investment.

But that is only the beginning. Strategy is great - but results are better! That is why we are a practical, business-led consultancy that once a strategy is defined and agreed will get on and start delivering tangible results for you.

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