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Website Management

Peak Demand provides website management services including web project management, change management, requirements specification, supplier selection, website testing, website migration and website hosting.

From our base in Suffolk, we work mainly with SMEs in the East of England.


Before you appoint a web design agency, you should always produce a website requirements specification

What is Website Management?

Your website is a vital component of your internet marketing strategy.

Ensuring it is up to date, accurate, functional, reliable and secure are the basics of website management.

That means any changes to your website have to be managed in a planned and consistent way. Whether you manage them in-house or through your web designers, changes should always be defined, logged, tested and tracked.

Major projects such as upgrades, re-design or migration require more advanced services such as detailed requirements specification, supplier selection and web project management.

Upgrading your website

Before you appoint a web designer and build a new website, you should always produce a website requirements specification.

This document defines your reasons for wanting a new site, your site’s purpose and your expectations for the project.

Having a specification enables you to:

  • Approach website designers with a clear brief about your project
  • Assess whether designers can meet your requirements in full (or even add further value)
  • Compare approaches, prices, timescales
  • Make an informed decision about whom to appoint

Did you know?

  1. If your organisation focuses on the UK, hosting your website on UK Servers helps with search engine optimisation
  2. Google Analytics is the most widely deployed website analytics software worldwide
  3. Google Analytics is free to use

Managing Change

Maintaining fresh, unique and interesting content on your website is one of the biggest challenges SMEs face in internet marketing.

Developing new website content; updating your proposition; removing old product details and refining promotional offers - these are all examples of changes that should become a standard part of your internet marketing process.

Change requires management in the context of your online marketing strategy, e.g. new pages should be optimised to support your keywords, moved pages should be redirected and website structure updated to include the new pages and sections.

Extending your content through to social media is of great value in building awareness, interest and brand advocacy.

How can we help you?

We can help you to manage your website on a day-to-day basis via:

  • Change Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Google Analytics Installation & Configuration
  • Google Analytics Analysis & Reporting

For new website builds, upgrade or re-design projects, we provide services and help for:

  • Website Requirements Specification
  • Supplier Selection
  • Web Project Management (Full Lifecycle)
  • Website Migration

Change is inevitable. Making the right changes, at the right time, can be transformational.

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